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I'm a 21 year old college student at Iowa State University. Just kind of figuring life out as I go, it sounds lame but it's true.

It’s Gettin’ Real

So Friday I went to Minneapolis to check out ad agency Martin Williams and their Velocity internship. It was really exciting, I always love being reminded why I’m spending this chunk of my life doing homework and trying to get … Continue reading

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Nicely Played Red Cross, Nicely Played

I thought this was an interesting social media mistake -> Someone in charge of Twitter at Red Cross posted something, technically inappropriate I suppose, on their Twitter page. Luckily they were able to handle it with humor and grace … Continue reading

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Okay, okay. So I’m terrible at blogging. That’s okay though because starting now I’m going to be much better. It’s been kind of hectic, I really really love all  my classes this semester but all of them (minus Tae Kwon … Continue reading

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Do you want to be happy?

I’ve been noticing that I complain entirely too much lately. I saw this great diagram once, it starts out and asks a simple question, are you happy? One arrow leads to no and then other arrow leads to yes. The … Continue reading

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Best intentions not good enough, again

I’ve been meaning to write on here for a while but haven’t, obviously. Sometimes it’s just hard to make time in my day to do it. Not that I’m spectacularly busy doing very important things at all times, but because … Continue reading

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Future is rapidly approaching

It has been such a crazy week, flooding and no water and then water boil ordinance and then Kevin’s grandma passed away, it’s hard to believe that a week from tomorrow school starts. It’s so strange to think that this … Continue reading

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Last night I dreamt of Spain. That’s not unusual but it’s been awhile and it makes me long for the country even more than I already do. It’s kind of funny because in my dream Krzysztof was with me as … Continue reading

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