It’s Gettin’ Real

So Friday I went to Minneapolis to check out ad agency Martin Williams and their Velocity internship. It was really exciting, I always love being reminded why I’m spending this chunk of my life doing homework and trying to get experience, so I can eventually have a real job that I enjoy.

I loved the agency, the people that I talked to were all really interesting and definitely know what they’re doing. The guy I talked to in account planning (Connection Planning as they call it) is getting another degree in Anthropology. It’s just exciting to be surrounded by intelligent passionate people. It’s also ridiculously intimidating. We were discussing social media and somebody asked a question about SM2 ( more here if you’re interested) it’s a tool for social media monitoring and analysis. I’d never heard of it before, which makes me freak out thinking, oh god what else is really important that I’ve never heard of before?

I really want to do something with advertising, I love it, it’s fascinating and I wouldn’t mind spending long hours of my life figuring out why people do things and how to reach them. I guess I’m just starting to feel unsure if I’m as competitive as I want to be, or if everybody else is too competitive. Le sigh…

Although on a positive note, aside from making me feel somewhat apprehensive about the competition out there I did get some really great ideas for making my internship application stand out. And I guess this “realization” that there is some major competition has led me to be a little more determined and proactive rather than just psyching me out.


About jchesher

I'm a 21 year old college student at Iowa State University. Just kind of figuring life out as I go, it sounds lame but it's true.
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