It seems incredibly appropriate, not to mention easy, to begin my blogging process with a post about blogging. Or maybe just dumb and confusing, but we’ll carry on anyway. I’m not necessarily a writer, I enjoy journaling or just writing out thoughts but I definitely wouldn’t consider myself a writer by any definition of the term. However, with all this emphasis now on new media in the world and too much time spent on the computer/internet I figured maybe blogging is something I should at least try out.

I don’t necesarily care whether people really look at this thing but maybe it’ll be helpful for me to have an outlet and also to just kind of get familiar with the process. I’m already pretty sure this won’t be a vastly successful blog since I have no real focus or emphasis, this isn’t going to be about blogging (thank god since this post is going so well) or food or living green or celebrities or any number of other subjects people write about and have loyal followings for, it’s just going to be my thoughts I guess. Maybe things that I just want to explore a little bit more and have documentation of the thought process. I guess we’ll see.


About jchesher

I'm a 21 year old college student at Iowa State University. Just kind of figuring life out as I go, it sounds lame but it's true.
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