It’s Gettin’ Real

So Friday I went to Minneapolis to check out ad agency Martin Williams and their Velocity internship. It was really exciting, I always love being reminded why I’m spending this chunk of my life doing homework and trying to get experience, so I can eventually have a real job that I enjoy.

I loved the agency, the people that I talked to were all really interesting and definitely know what they’re doing. The guy I talked to in account planning (Connection Planning as they call it) is getting another degree in Anthropology. It’s just exciting to be surrounded by intelligent passionate people. It’s also ridiculously intimidating. We were discussing social media and somebody asked a question about SM2 ( more here if you’re interested) it’s a tool for social media monitoring and analysis. I’d never heard of it before, which makes me freak out thinking, oh god what else is really important that I’ve never heard of before?

I really want to do something with advertising, I love it, it’s fascinating and I wouldn’t mind spending long hours of my life figuring out why people do things and how to reach them. I guess I’m just starting to feel unsure if I’m as competitive as I want to be, or if everybody else is too competitive. Le sigh…

Although on a positive note, aside from making me feel somewhat apprehensive about the competition out there I did get some really great ideas for making my internship application stand out. And I guess this “realization” that there is some major competition has led me to be a little more determined and proactive rather than just psyching me out.

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Nicely Played Red Cross, Nicely Played

I thought this was an interesting social media mistake ->

Someone in charge of Twitter at Red Cross posted something, technically inappropriate I suppose, on their Twitter page. Luckily they were able to handle it with humor and grace resulting in an increase in donations. It really goes to show you that if you actually know how social media works you can really handle almost anything.

In general it’s a lot more interesting and revealing to see how companies respond to missteps than it is to watch them perform seamlessly.


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Okay, okay. So I’m terrible at blogging. That’s okay though because starting now I’m going to be much better.

It’s been kind of hectic, I really really love all  my classes this semester but all of them (minus Tae Kwon Do) are 400 level and that’s leaving me pretty busy. Also there’s the internship and the fact that nobody at my place of employment believes in 2 week notices so I’ve been working about 32 hours a week on top of school and homework and internship. Le sigh, but really despite how quickly this semester is going, I really feel like I’ve got everything together. Guess 3.5 years of being in college will do that to ya.

I’m starting to begin my future job search. I’ve been really torn between wanting to delve right into the advertising industry and wanting to spend a year in mi lugar favorito, España. I would love to just spend a year there teaching English and soaking up the culture. Karen and I had a Spanish day, we made tortilla de patatas, croquetas de espinaca, and some sort of gazpacho y marisco ensalda. We also only spoke Spanish to each other for like the first hour, I need more days like today.

^ That there was a tangent but yeah, I’m kind of at a loss. I’m going to Minneapolis next week to check out an internship at Martin Williams that would be really exciting and then the week after that to Chicago, so I guess we’ll see what happens.

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Do you want to be happy?

I’ve been noticing that I complain entirely too much lately. I saw this great diagram once, it starts out and asks a simple question, are you happy? One arrow leads to no and then other arrow leads to yes. The yes arrow leads to “keep doing whatever you’re doing” the no arrow leads to another question, “do you want to be happy?” No leads to “keep doing whatever you’re doing” and yes leads to “change something.”

The actual chart is way better than my probaly somewhat confusing explanation but the point I’m getting at is that despite its simplicity I think it has a valid point. I’m great at complaining, it’s a normal human thing, one of the best ways to bond with people is to commiserate. Unfortunately, just complaing about stuff and not actually doing anything to change whatever’s wrong doesn’t really make much sense. I know, genius revelation, but I haven’t been doing much changing lately so I’m hoping maybe thinking things in these terms will help. Example, I’ve been complaining like crazy about classwork, definitely not happy, so I’m making explicit, detailed plans to change this by diving in and getting stuff done before it can overwhelm me. I guess I’ll have to detail how this goes later because that’s kinda my que to start.

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Best intentions not good enough, again

I’ve been meaning to write on here for a while but haven’t, obviously. Sometimes it’s just hard to make time in my day to do it. Not that I’m spectacularly busy doing very important things at all times, but because it requires output from me and sometimes I just feel like being lazy and letting everything else stimulate ME.

I think that’s probably the root of all my problems in life, needing to be the person who generates something and instead sitting back and letting other things do it for me. It’s frustrating how clear it is, I have goals, things that I very much desire to accomplish, oftentimes I don’t simply because of a lack of will. I want to run more, but I’d rather lay in bed and let a book entertain me. I want to want to get all of my homework done way before it has time to stress me out, but I’d rather sit at a computer and let facebook tell me what’s happening in all my friends lives.

When did I become so damn passive? I make lists constantly of things I want to accomplish, when I get something done it feels way more amazing than finishing that episode of Law & Order that happened to be on. Cognitively I know all the things I’m supposed to be doing, that I actively want to be doing, but why have I been unable to translate that to actions?

Guess I just need to make a new list and try harder.

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Future is rapidly approaching

It has been such a crazy week, flooding and no water and then water boil ordinance and then Kevin’s grandma passed away, it’s hard to believe that a week from tomorrow school starts. It’s so strange to think that this is going to be my  fourth and final year of undergraduate studies, I can remember freshman year so vividly and I still don’t know that I feel as grown up or as “together” as I’ve always expected to feel at this moment.

I definitely think I’m different, but that’s good, I’ve changed a lot and I can’t say that I’m really unhappy with any of my experience. I’ve made some poor decisions but I don’t know that I would take anything back, if I could. When you’re in a place where you’re content you kind of have to reflect on everything, good and bad, and be content with it as well because that’s how you reached your current life situation. I’m just still, somewhat apprehenisive about what comes after graduation next spring. On one hand it’s really exciting to be so open to possibilities but on the other…there’s just this kind of uneasy feeling in my stomach because bigger choices equal bigger risks. I have such a desire to find the exact right thing for me because I am so concerned about being happy but I also feel like I have no clue what it could be.

I ran into Iowa State’s former Peace Corps representative Friday night and had a talk with him. Peace Corps is something I’ve been so interested in ever since I went to my first information session my sophomore year. Last year I started my application but when it got to the part about private debt it made me realize that I can’t actually participate in the Peace Corps, at least not until I pay off my private student loans. I was pretty crushed but I hadn’t thought about it too much lately until I started talking to Nick about everything. It just seems like something I would enjoy so much especially now that I have some experience travelling. The opportunity to meet new people, learn new languages, and actually feeling like I’m doing something and having some impact on the world. I guess we’ll see how the next few years go, what with getting a real job and paying stuff off but I really hope maybe someday I can have this experience I’ve always wanted.

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Last night I dreamt of Spain. That’s not unusual but it’s been awhile and it makes me long for the country even more than I already do. It’s kind of funny because in my dream Krzysztof was with me as well. He’s my absolute favorite person I met this summer in Europe, which might sound strange but honestly this 76-year-old Polish man is amazing. I enjoyed having him with us a lot and I actually miss him more than I think I realized until now.

It strikes me as kind of odd that when it comes to Spain I miss the place, I miss Madrid and Toledo and Sevilla, the elegant buildings, the dry heat, and the beautiful countryside. I miss the millions of outdoor cafes and the Prado and the palaces. But when I think about Poland, I miss Jerzy and Krzysztof and Pawel and Ewa and Lukasz. Not that Poland wasn’t a beautiful country but I guess I just connected more with the people there whereas in Spain my closest friends were American or British or Italian.

I got off topic somewhere, or lost where I actually wanted to go with this. I think that makes me a terrible blogger maybe, I suppose I don’t really care though. Basically my heart aches for Europe, I’m so bored and disenchanted with America and ready to take a leave of absense.

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